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Female Empowerment Life Skills Workshops

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Many refugee single parents find it difficult to integrate and become financially independent. Following consultation, Goodwill Caravan is now starting projects designed for single parents to enable them to build their own businesses providing them with longer term financial security and a sense of independence and self reliance.

The aim of this programme is to relieve the single parent of the financial hardship and distress that they experience when entering a new country, especially after the horrific experiences they have just escaped. Through this project, not only are they given the resources, mentoring and funding to start their own business, but they are also given integrated support and a better understanding within the wider community, to make sure that they feel a part of the community.

‘Precious sweets’ is just one of the many social enterprise initiatives that Goodwill Caravan is running. As a single mother of two, Aziza (translating to ‘precious’) moved to the UK through the help of the Goodwill Caravan legal team after her husband passed away. She was living in camps when Goodwill Caravan found her and her two children who cried for help. After months of emotional, legal and practical support, Aziza was able to come to the UK with her children to start a new life.  The children are now attending school and the family has a hope for a better future.

Struggling to support her children after moving to a whole new country, the concept of ‘Precious Sweets’ came to life. Making incredible traditional sweets., Goodwill Caravan is supporting Aziza to turn this into a practical business that can help her support her family by providing her with skills and integration support. The intention is that by supporting her to become completely financially independent and not letting her past determine her future, she will be able to provide a better future for herself and her children.

Other projects being looked at include crochet, making accessories, hairdressing, cooking classes, IT classes and many more! GWC will also have a creche for the children to stay safely while the mothers are learning.

This project empowers women and brings them together as a group, so they can continue teaching their skills to others but the number of families we can support is restricted by the available funds. .

You can help give single parents the foundation they need to build their own businesses and support their families by donating to GWC’s Female Empowerment Life Skills Workshops.