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Legal Support for Refugees

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After a barrage of negative propaganda over recent months, the media may well have stopped its intense focus on the refugee crisis, but it continues to affect thousands of desperately vulnerable families each month who flee their homes due to war, climate change and devastation.

Goodwill Caravan is working with Lawyers for Good to identify volunteer lawyers to travel to Greece and support on legal services for refugees.

If you are a lawyer and want to help, please get in touch with us at volunteers@goodwillcaravan.com

As a volunteer lawyer, you will have the opportunity to work on asylum and detention cases with full training and supervision. You will have access to some of the most remote detention sites and assist in processing the cases of some of the most vulnerable refugees.

During a two week volunteer placement program in Athens you will:

  • Receive immigration law training
  • Work with the experienced Goodwill Caravan legal team in Athens on asylum cases
  • Manage your own cases with full support
  • Have access to remote detention camps where most vulnerable cases are processed