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One of main issues in remote camps is that families especially single mothers are unable to transport their children to hospitals when sick. Many camps have experienced loss of life due to the simple fact that there is no service to transport children and vulnerable families from camps to hospitals.

GWC is appealing for a bus that can aid in transportation for refugees living in remote refugee camps to the nearest hospitals, which can be great distances.Many refugees may not receive the medical attention they may urgently require, sometimes costing their lives. With this bus service, GWC will be able to attend to these calls, when hospitals are not able to, and drop them off to the hospitals. With this, there will be one driver, two interpreters and one first aider who can assist on urgent cases, until they arrive to the hospitals.

Also, this bus will be used for transportation for refugees from refugee camps to the asylum offices in Greece. Thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece due to missing asylum appointment because they couldn’t afford to go to asylum office, so we would help address this problem of long waiting lists often leading to attempted suicides of members of refugee families who feeling hopeless.

This is why GWC are fundraising urgently to raise enough money for a bus that will be on call three days a week 9pm – 3am which are the most critical time periods for urgent medical care and two days a week for asylum support.

This  is a serious problem which addresses a shortage in humanitarian service in Athens and Greece and is something that has not been addressed to date