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The GWC Shelter Project

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At present, there are 85,000 refugees in Greece who have escaped serious conflict only to find themselves either imprisoned or held in detention centres. One third of these are children, including unaccompanied children being detained in adult prisons. Without assistance, these families and individuals will remain indefinitely in this often dangerous environment.

This situation exists because all refugees whereabouts need to be documented, and imprisoning them or placing them in detention centres is currently the method by which this happens for many. By offering shelter, GWC is able to provide families and individuals with the required legal address that they require, but in a much safer environment. Our dedicated lawyers, social workers and translators are able to work with the Greek authorities to help secure better futures for people, but they need your help.

The contributions that have already been made have allowed our lawyers to attend detention centres once a week to increase the amount of families and unaccompanied children we can move into our shelters.

In order to continue to do this, there are a number of costs with regards to the whole process. These include:

  • The running of our Legal Office in Greece
  • Legal representation in court for the individuals we are trying to help
  • Legal service from within detention centres
  • The costs of running our shelters

We aim to release as many families and unaccompanied children who are imprisoned in detention centres and provide them a safe space in our shelters and get them the help they need to get back on their feet. In order to continue this, we rely on your donations. It costs 2000€ to cover the costs of securing an individual’s release and getting them into supervised shelter and we greatly appreciate the money you can donate for this.