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Key project

Female Empowerment Life Skills Workshops

Many refugee single parents find it difficult to integrate and become financially independent. Following consultation, Goodwill Caravan is now starting projects designed...
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GWC Accompaniment Service

Following a tragic set of circumstances where a baby passed away because an ambulance service refused to attend an emergency call in...
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Emergency Aid Bulk Distributions

Goodwill Caravan recognised the need to support the very basics for people already living in desperate situations.  One of the first programmes...
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Legal Support for Refugees

After a barrage of negative propaganda over recent months, the media may well have stopped its intense focus on the refugee crisis,...
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GWC Women and Children Shelter Project

The Goodwill Caravan women and children shelter, supported by Children of Adam, provides emergency housing to the most vulnerable refugees that are...
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Emergency Shelter and Legal Support for Detention Cases

At present, there are over 85,000 refugees in Greece, who have escaped disaster, only to find themselves either imprisoned or held in...
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