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Omar’s Story

An escape from the war in Iraq

They set off and it was windy and cold, the waves were very high. The engine of their tiny boat stopped working within an hour of being at sea. Then the Turkish coastguards came, who the families thought would save them, but instead they allegedly capsized the boat.  

Omar told us, ‘the life jackets were pulling us down. Not helping us float. They hurt my neck’. Life vests are often stuffed with sponge instead of air by unscrupulous traffickers to drown refugees. Omar continues, ‘My mummy’s voice got more and more faint’. The Greek coastguard came and were able to resuscitate Omar, but sadly his mummy went under.

After emergency hospitalisation, Omar, like many other lone unaccompanied children was detained for his own safety by Greek authorities. Goodwill Caravan won the legal battle to have him released. He was sent to the mainland where the public prosecutor approved his stay at the Goodwill Caravan shelter in Athens – under safeguarding supervision from our staff.

As one of Omar’s only surviving relatives in Europe, his aunt, located in Germany was very grateful that her nephew had survived this ordeal. Goodwill Caravan arranged for her to travel to Greece straight away. We also supported her during the time in which she had to arrange for the burial of her sister on the Turkish side of water.

The Goodwill Caravan team provided support with shelter, food,medical,  psychological support and in completing the legal Dubs reunification case. We supported Omar until we could drive Omar and his aunt to the airport, headed to start a new life in Germany.

Omar is one of hundreds of legal reunification cases that Goodwill Caravan assists with. None of our work would be possible without your support.

We need your help to keep fighting for the most vulnerable. Our legal services are often financially overlooked in favour of food packs or shelter. However, the legal work has a longer tailed impact on changing lives.

How you can support our legal team monthly:

£5 a month : Official translation fee for legal document (per page)
£10 a month: Legal Court stamp fee  
£15 a month: One day Dubs case legal support
£30 a month: Two days Dubs case legal support 
£50: Two social worker sessions for reunification court case
£125: DNA test for reunification case of unaccompanied child
£150: Shelter for one month.

It costs £15 a day, £75 a week and £300 a month  to complete a Dubs family reunification case over a period of 6 months. This covers court fees, DNA Testing, travel to a child in detention, lawyers, social workers, interpreters, bringing family members over to Athens , shelter and food.

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