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Success Stories

Here are a few of Goodwill Caravan's success stories, thanks to all your kind donations

We are able to continue our projects and support vulnerable populations thanks to every single person who has donated to our cause. Your donations DO make a difference. However, we are not able to continue our work without your support, so please don’t forget to donate or share.

Ibrahim’s Story:

9 year old refugee child, Ibrahim, watched his mother drown after she tread water for 5 hours to keep him alive. On their journey to Greece, their boat was overturned and they were stranded in the ocean for 5 hours. Ibrahim was resuscitated but sadly his mother did not survive. Ibrahim was then put in a prison like many children where they are are at risk of trafficking and organ trade.

The Goodwill Caravan team was able to release him from the prison with the legal team and locate his surviving relatives, who were his aunts. He was safely reunited with his aunt in the GWC Shelter in Athens and is now living in Germany with his family and going to school.

Leila’s Story

Leila, at the age of 9, witnessed her mothers torture and murder in 2015 with her little sister. That was the last thing she saw as she went into a diabetic shock and lost her eyesight. She developed Type 1 diabetes from shock of what she had seen.

On Friday 1st December 2017, Leila saw again for the first time in 2 years after the Goodwill Caravan team was able to get her the medical attention she needed. Through your kind donations, the Goodwill Caravan team was able to get her the laser eye surgery to be able to see again. Today she is in school with her baby sister.

Rama's Story

The Goodwill Caravan team found little Rama at the age of 18 months, alone in a detention centre. Her elderly sick grandmother, who was her last surviving relative, was seperated from her after the grandmother was taken to hospital. This left Rama all alone, terrified and at risk of trafficking and organ trade at such a young age.

The Goodwill Caravan legal team was able to release her from detention and transport her safely into our Women and Childrens shelter. Within 4 months, our legal team completed the family reunification paperwork and little Rama was reunited safely with her Grandmother and now are living in Germany to start a new life.

Little Omar's Family

Syrian mother of 3 barely pulled her children out of the rubble of a collapsing building after their neighbourhood was targeted by a barrage of airstrikes. The Goodwill Caravan legal team met this family in a remote refugee camp, north of Greece, where they were at risk of trafficking gangs and abuse. This family had been stuck for over 2 years awaiting their asylum paperwork to be processed. 

Now the siblings are in Germany and all 3 children have started school and we hope they have a chance of getting back their childhood and starting a new life.