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Emergency Distributions

Emergency shelter and legal support for detention cases

GWC Accompaniment service

Female empowerment life skills workshops

Legal support for refugees

GWC Women and Children Shelter Project

With your help, Goodwill Caravan

has helped over 30.000 refugees; but there is still so much left to do!

Goodwill Caravan (GWC) helps vulnerable refugee families, orphans and, detained unaccompanied children, many of whom are at risk of organ trade, trafficking and even kidnapping particularly if left in detention centres, prisons or homeless on arrival to the Greek islands. GWC also conducts homeless aid distributions to help local populations including Greek nationals.

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How we help

Emergency Aid: Bulk Distributions

Goodwill Caravan recognised the need to support the very basics for people already living in desperate situations. One of the first programmes we set up was out Emergency Aid: Bulk Distribution Programme. Through this intervention we distribute across our shelters, detention centres and refugee camps; food, clothing, diapers, baby milk, sanitary towels, sleeping bags etc.  

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Shelter and Legal Support for Detention Cases

The Goodwill Caravan Legal Office supports vulnerable refugees with asylum support. We support detention release cases, especially for women and children/unaccompanied children and minors, who have been separated from their parents due to death, drowning or a multitude of other terrible things which all too often happen along the refugee trail.

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GWC Accompaniment Service

Our project Accompaniment Service helps to transport refugees from their camp to the local hospital so that they can access healthcare services. The service also helps them to take them to asylum services, that are not accessible by foot from the camps that are remotely located. Goodwill Caravan’s Accompaniment Service is the only one of its kind in Athens.

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Legal Support for Refugees

After a barrage of negative propaganda over recent months, the media may well have stopped its intense focus on the refugee crisis, but it continues to affect thousands of desperately vulnerable families each month who flee their homes due to war, climate change and devastation. Goodwill Caravan is working with Lawyers for Good to identify volunteer lawyers to travel to Greece and support on legal services for refugees.


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Female Empowerment Life Skills Workshops

Many refugee single parents find it difficult to integrate and become financially independent. Following consultation, Goodwill Caravan is now starting projects designed for single parents to enable them to build their own businesses providing them with longer term financial security and a sense of independence and self reliance.  


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